Documenting my descent from 124kg.

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Day 0


My name is ThunderThighs.

This is me.


I’m 28 and a half years old, a teacher, straight, a woman, a New Zealander, single, a casual-gamer, obese. Pick a label!

I don’t have a particularly unique story; I’ve been on the heavier side for most of my life. I dieted on and off through my teens – dabbling in risque and just plain dumb eating habits and hit a ridiculously high number on the scales. Tale as old as time.

I enjoy being active. I like lifting heavy, and love to dance. I have high hopes that I shall one day join the ranks of suave, sophisticated morning joggers, and the summer just past I discovered I’m not half bad at paddle boarding.

I love a plethora of more sedentary pastimes too; gaming, TV, crochet, warbling off-key to a badly strummed ukulele… And food. Oh boy do I love food. I have whole relationships in my life constructed wholly around food. Some of my closest friends became so only from mutual appreciation of overpriced campus cafes.

But perhaps the most important thing about me – important in regard to this blog that is – is that I am 124kg. That’s 273.3lb or about 19 and a half stone. And I don’t want to be.

If I am to get any better at my active pursuits, if I am to have the energy to face 150 teenagers everyday, if I am to live – I mean really LIVE – to a ripe and respectable old age (I’m gunning for 101) then I need to make some changes. Quick smart.

But, I am a procrastinator. A do-later-er. Accountability is not my strong suite. The 4 classes of papers to grade staring me down right now are evidence of this. As is the fact that I am writing this blog post instead of attending to them. Long story short – I need accountability. So I’m dusting off an old blog URL I had from my early graduate years. I’d love to make contact with others like me. If you’re trying to get some excess weight off – let me know. I’d love to read your stories.

So hello world.

This is me.


For now.